Babysitting Service

Hopeful NanniesWelcome to Hopeful Nannies’ Premiere Babysitting Service. All of our sitters have been hand selected for our babysitting service.
The Babysitting Membership includes access to all of our hand selected and screened Babysitters/Pet-Sitters. After becoming a member, you will have access to our online booking system. The process is simple; view the sitter calendar to see which sitters are available, click on the sitter’s name and simply request your sitter.  You will receive a confirmation email when our sitter accepts her job.  It’s first come first serve so make sure you act quickly when you see a sitter you want for a certain day. All sitters are paid directly, and their hourly rates are listed on their profiles. 3-hour booking minimum. 24 hour notice to book & to cancel.
To Become a member, please complete the Sitter Service Questionnaire below and pick your babysitting membership that is located on our Fees Page.  Enjoy our sitters!


*All of our Sitters/Nannies are under contract with Hopeful Nannies Inc, and are unable to be booked outside of the Agency.  Contacting our Nannies/Sitters for services, outside of our knowledge, will result in immediate termination of Hopeful Nannies’ services .

1. Non-Compete: The Employee is currently or may be employed as an employee with the Employer for the position of: Babysitting for families under Hopeful Nannies, Inc. Employees are forbidden to provide services to any of our families without the knowledge of Hopeful Nannies, Inc. In addition to this responsibility or position (the “Employment”), this Agreement also covers any position or responsibility now or later held with the Employer for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of termination or expiration, as the case may be, of the Employment, the Employee will not divert or attempt to divert from the Employer any business the Employer had enjoyed, solicited, or attempted to solicit, from its customers, prior to termination or expiration, as the case may be, of the Employment.

2. Avoiding Conflict of Opportunities: It is understood and agreed that any business opportunity relating to or similar to the Employer’s current or anticipated business opportunities coming to the attention of the Employee during the Employee’s employment is an opportunity belonging to the Employer. Accordingly, the Employee will advise the Employer of the opportunity and cannot pursue the opportunity, directly or indirectly, without the written consent of the Employer.

3. Booking Policy: All bookings, cancellations, and/or any contact with our sitters in regards to employment are forbidden without Hopeful Nannies’ consent. Clients must book and cancel within 24 hours. If a booked job is cancelled without 24-hour notice, the client will be responsible for half of the booked job. *Any breach of this contract is subject to termination of our service.