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 This was an exciting week here at Hopeful Nannies, as we were introduced (officially!) by Krista Wilson and Charlotte Smarty Pants.  We are THRILLED for busy parents in Charlotte to learn about us.  We are one of those hidden gems that I hope parents all over Charlotte jump on the bandwagon.  Krista really hit the nail on the head with what we do, and how we take pride in simplifying your life!  Let’s be honest, time is money and busy moms don’t have time to call several sitters just to check their availability every time they want to run an errand or have a night out.  The planning and preparation of finding, calling, and booking a sitter takes more effort, and energy, then even planning your night out.  And that’s the best scenario!  What if you don’t have a group of wonderful sitters that you love and trust?  I guess you are just stuck at home forever. No no. Don’t give up that easily.  That’s our job.  That’s how this whole idea was born.  To simplify your life.  For parents to never have to worry about not having a sitter again.  Not only a sitter for your real babies, but your FUR-BABBIES, as well (coming April, 2014).   All you have to do is sign up, check the calendar, and book your sitter right then and there.  Literally.  It’s that simple.  You can also send us an email, and we’ll pick a sitter for you.  We’ll send the sitter who we feel is the best fit for your family.  No more feeling guilty, parents.  Go out, have fun.  We’ve got you covered!  

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