About Us

Hopeful Nannies is a Boutique Babysitting Service and Nanny Placement Agency serving the Washington DC metro area. Whether you are a family seeking a Permanent or Temporary Nanny, a Household Manager, or need a babysitter for a night out, Hopeful Nannies will give you the piece of mind that you will receive the best childcare for your family. We know that the process of finding your perfect nanny can be very tedious, and when you are left with little free time in your busy schedule, the process of finding and interviewing nanny candidates can be extremely overwhelming. Our job is to give your family the peace of mind that you will receive the best childcare, and that your nanny can be a part of your children's lives for many years to come. We want the process of finding a nanny to be as simple as possible. In order to do this, we will create a detailed job description and will have you interview only the candidate(s) who we feel will be the best match for your family. Your job is simple: just pick your favorite candidate! We understand that this is an extremely important hire and we want you to be fully satisfied.

Hopeful Nannies is a lifesaver!! After losing several of our regular sitters to college and/or full time jobs, I was at a loss as to how to rebuild our babysitter list. Then, I happened to read the glowing endorsement on Charlotte Smarty Pants and immediately called Hope for more information. Since then, have used her team for all our babysitting needs for our three children.
— Laura M. (Parent)

Why We Are Different:

Our mission as a private placement agency is to focus on quality. We only accept a very small percentage of candidates that apply, and only represent candidates whom we feel fit a strict set of guidelines and requirements. There are many online sources, websites, and apps that can be used to obtain childcare; however, nothing can replace the human element of vetting a candidate! For this reason, our nanny interview process is extensive: each nanny goes through a full interview, background check, and complete reference check before a candidate is sent to interview with our families. It is important to us that we represent only the best candidates because we want the very best for our clients. Whether you are a family or a nanny, we have the best interest of all of our clients and strive to create a perfect match!

I highly recommend Hopeful Nannies! Last spring, I was having a hard time finding good sitters and a friend told me about Hopeful Nannies. Since that time we have used them to find both a full time nanny as well as occasional babysitters. Hope is very professional and works hard to make sure that her clients are satisfied. All of the sitters we have used have been wonderful. I am so grateful to have found this service!
— Erin S. (Parent)